Soldiers Shoot Machete-Wielding Man Outside the Louvre

French soldiers opened fire on a man attacking them with a machete near the Louvre while screaming "God is greatest" in Arabic. The man was seriously injured in the stomach, according to Fox News. It happened at a underground shopping center linked to the world-famous Louvre museum.

USA Today reports Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the attack was "terrorist in nature." Fox News reports French President Francois Hollande said it was "no doubt" an act of terror.

The Local France reports the suspect was shot around five times and tourists were packed into secure areas during the incident. 

A police union official told USA Today the attacker was carrying two backpacks and two machetes. A soldier told him he couldn't take his bags into the mall. At that point, he tried to stab the soldier, according to the Associated Press.

Officials told reporters it appears it was an isolated incident and the man acted alone.