3 Ways Pets Help You Live Longer and Happier

Pet lovers have known for a long time -- and now, it's backed by science ---- pet owners are happier and live longer.

Pet lovers have known for a long time -- and it's backed by science ---- pet owners are happier and live longer.

Here are three ways pets can help you live longer.

1. A healthier state of mind.

Pets make their owners feel better. Pets have a soothing effect and they can provide a strong support system. They don't judge and they can't make the situation worse by talking back. so maybe let Muffins lick you just this once.

2. A healthier heart.

A Minnesota Stroke Institute study that tracked more than 4,000 cat owners over a decade, found owning a cat can lower a person's heart attack risk.

The American Heart Association says owning a dog reduces your risk for heart disease.

3. A healthier you.

Did you know having a cat in your house can help you develop immunity to asthma and allergies? Studies have show babies that grow up in households with pets may be less likely to develop allergies and asthma. 

Pet owners are more active. It's hard to say no to Fido when he's looking up at you with those oh so cute puppy dog eyes. Dog owners tend to walk more thanks to persistent work-out buddies -- even if it is 5 in the morning.

So when you're dealing with another scratched up couch or another chewed up cord remember that furball looking up at you will make you live longer.