More Hillary Clinton Emails Released by State Dept., Clinton Foundation Probe

The State Department releases more than a thousand additional emails the FBI recovered from Hillary Clinton's private email server.

ABC news reports, the documents come from the nearly 15-thousand emails the FBI recovered during their investigation into her private email server use.

The State Department says a large number of the emails are near duplicates of emails previously released to the public.

At the same time, WikiLeaks continues to release more emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. According to Fox News, one of the emails appears to show a State Department official working with Clinton's campaign before her private email server use was revealed.

In other news, the Associated Press reports FBI agents sought an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The AP reports those FBI agents made a presentation to Justice Department lawyers about the allegations they wanted to investigate. The meeting took place in February and while the lawyers didn't tell the bureau to stop looking into the Clinton Foundation matter, they told the bureau they did not want to partner with them. No word on if they continued to investigate the Clinton Foundation or not.

The New York Times reports the FBI is looking into whether there are any connections between the Trump campaign and the Russians, but have found nothing so far.