Donald Trump Gaining Momentum In Latest Polls

A lot has happened within the last few days leading to November 8th, when Americans will decide the next president of the United States -- and it's reflecting in the latest poll numbers. On Thursday, FBI director James Comey, announced the bureau would reopen their investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server and Clinton's lead is starting to slip in some polls.

As RealClearPolitics reports, in the ABC News poll, Clinton had a 12 percentage point lead over opponent Donald Trump on the Sunday before Comey's announcement. And, now Monday's poll, a few days after Comey's announcement, the poll has her with a two percentage point advantage.

The USC/LA Times poll had Trump and Clinton in a tie on the Sunday before --- and now on the Monday after -- it shows Trump with a four point percentage point lead.

As for battleground states, Remington Research shows Trump with a four percentage point lead over Clinton in Nevada and Hillary Clinton with a two percentage point advantage in Pennsylvania.